Marc BollmannMarc Bollmann was born in Hamburg, Germany and spent formative years in Nigeria and South Africa. Eventually emigrating to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, he pursued studies in theatre, graphic design, art history, and photography.

He relocated to Rochester, New York, in 1989 and received a degree from RIT in professional photographic illustration with a concentration in philosophy. Here he settled after college, married and began a family. An opportunity arose in an established retail co-operative Good Company General Store where he joined the ownership and gained invaluable experience in marketing, accounting, and merchandising.

When that enterprise folded in 1999, Marc decided to open another shop Firehouse 15 in the same renovated firestation. Carrying a similar blend of products but with his singular stamp and vision, the store enjoyed relative success and Marc was fully engaged in the advertising, purchasing and display.

Unfortunately, several factors including an economic downturn forced the premature dissolution of his retail business in early 2003.

Marc then joined the staff of the Art Music Library at the University of Rochester. He has and continues to freelance in photography and graphic design.

I have since I can remember always been a visual person. Drawing at an early age, and eventually progressing to photography essentially because of my lack of patience and short attention span.

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